The Egyptian Society of Women's Health

Meet our team

Established in 2005, team work is our core value
  1.      Norran Hussein, Treasurer
    Norran Hussein, Treasurer
    Treasurer & International Co-ordinator , ESWH Consultant, National Breast Screening Program & women's health unit, Nasser Institute CEO, Seha Scan
  2.            Ashraf Selim, Chairman
    Ashraf Selim, Chairman
    Chairman, ESWH Prof. & former head of radiology Dep, Cairo University. Senior consultant, Cairo Scan, National Breast Screening Program Chairman, Seha Scan
  3. Dorria Salem, Secretary General
    Dorria Salem, Secretary General
    Secretary General, ESWH Prof. & former head of women's imaging unit, Cairo University Founder & former head of Egypt's National Screening Program Senior consultant, Cairo Scan
  4.                     Lamia Adel
    Lamia Adel
    Board member, ESWH Assistant Prof. of Radiology, Cairo University Consultant National Breast Screening Program, Consultant & Women's Imaging Director, Al Tahra Scan
  1.                  Mahi Mokhtar
    Mahi Mokhtar
    Board member, ESWH Consultant, National Breast Screening Program Consultant, Cairo Scan
  2.                 Nivine Chalabi
    Nivine Chalabi
    Assistant Prof. of Radiology, Ain Shams University Consultant, National Breast Screening Program Consultant, Alfa Scan
  3.                       Iman Adel
    Iman Adel
    Consultant, National Breast Screening Program Consultant, Police Authority Hospital Consultant & Women's Imaging Director, Technoscan
  4.                     Lamia Bassam
    Lamia Bassam
    Lecturer of Radiology, Cairo University Consultant, National Breast Screening Program Consultant, Baheya Hospital Consultant, Cairo Scan
   ESWH was established in 2005 , as the first  scientific society dedicated to women's imaging in the middle east. The society was founded with an aim of educating physicians on the early detection of breast cancer through dedicated conferences and workshops. Since then we have held an annual scientific meeting with international experts from different parts of the world.  
 Recently, we have increased our services to include various non scientific activities that target the health & well being of all Egyptian women. 

   WHAT  WE  DO   : 
We train radiologists, radiographers, obstetricians, gynecologists, and physicians by organizing various workshops, training sessions, conferences to enhance the basic imaging standards, and perform continuous education in various fields related to women's health.
ESWH is committed to funding innovative research, which informs the direction of future wellness programs and outreach. These community-based programs reach women in ways that are appropriate for them and in language that they can understand.

We target limited resource settings with weak health systems where the majority of women are diagnosed with chronic diseases or cancer in late stages. We then implement early detection programs based on awareness of early signs and symptoms and prompt referral to diagnosis and treatment.
We support women with advanced breast cancer by providing them with information, psychological support and organizing social activities, and events. This community has different emotional and psychological needs than those with early stages of cancer.
Raising general public awareness on women's health problems and the mechanisms to control them, as well as acting as advocates for appropriate policies and programs are our key strategies of population-based control.
Stay Beautiful : This initiative helps women to enhance and restore their appearance and self-image. We mainly target  low-income and disadvantaged women who have scars and deformities as a result of violence / physical assaults. We offer them free surgeries/ laser scar resurfacing & psychological support. 
Healthy Habits For Families:  This initiative aims to educate women about important lifestyle habits including nutrition and fitness. We make publications and organize events to educate communities on healthy choices.